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How the markets can mirror a game of Guilty Gear?

by Mark Williams on December 16, 2012

In my spare time, I love to play video games. In particular, I love, love, love FIGHTING GAMES.

The reason I love fighting games so much is because unlike other competitive games out there you go man-to-man (one on one) versus an opponent, and but also in order to beat your opponents you must become one with the game.

You must study and practice techniques in the these game over and over and over again until you gain mastery…


So, today I loaded up a new strategy that I had tested, optimized, threw everything that I had at, and more, out into the real world for the first time.

MY little baby.

Anyway, let this be a lesson to all ye out there: Alway test your code for automated strategies on small money accounts.

My strategy was one that traded the FOREX market, so testing it on a small account that I created just for testing, was no big issue (only $100 total at risk in this micro-lot account).


How to Create an Indicator (using Ninjatrader)…

by Mark Williams on May 4, 2009

Okay, so here is the scenario.

You have just read a paper by some famous mathemetician. In the paper, he talks about using a formula to calculate some thingamabobjiggy, and you, for some strange reason, have an epiphany, and decide to see if what was written in the paper would work for trading.

So, you put on you thinking cap, and decide to go about creating this wonderful formula, and try to see if it can help you gain an edge in the market.

So, how do you go about creating this fancy, schmancy indicator?


So, we have created our Triple Moving Average System in Ninjatrader. Now, Let’s test something.

To bring up the strategy, we are going to File -> New -> Strategy Analyzer.

I have already imported Currency Data from a Provider. It may have cost me money, but is was better to spend $200 bucks on it, than LOSE THOUSANDS later.

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How To Use NinjaTrader To Test Simple Trading Strategies

by Mark Williams on February 9, 2009

My current trading platform that I am using is Ninjatrader. The enjoy the ease of use of the program, and the fact that this powerful little sumb**** of a program is free to use for charting and backtesting (but not for live trading). Free. 100%. AND it’s powerful. You can’t beat that. AND, it’s a […]


How to Create And Test a Trading Strategy, Part III

by Mark Williams on February 4, 2009


You’ve thought out your idea, fleshed it out, got a flowchart and summary going, now, it is time to create get your strategy created and backtested.

But, how do you go about getting the strategy created?

Well, there are two ways to go about this.

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How To Create And Test A Trading Strategy, Part II

by Mark Williams on January 29, 2009

In Part I of this series, we took a look at the beginning brainstorming phases of our project, to create and backtest our trading strategy. Today, we are going to take a look at fleshing out our ideas and making what we have easily available for us to code, OR have someone else code for us 😉

So, we have done our mindmap. Now, it is time to take that mindmap, and turn our idea from the abstract to the grounded — to give some order and guidance for our next step of the game.

Now, depending on the type of personality that you have you can do the following:


How To Create And Test A Trading Strategy, Part I

by Mark Williams on January 26, 2009

You are finally ready to take the trading plunge. You have come up with an idea, or you decided to purchase a course, and are ready to get at it.

But, before you jumped right in, you wised up and decided to see if your idea actually works.

So, how do you go doing it?

Well, there are many ways for you to do this. I am going to show a you VERY low cost way to do this.

So, let’s start.

First, let’s go on ahead and get your idea fleshed out.

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Let’s play a game. It’s a simple game mind you, just your standard ole, heads or tails, coin flip. But, let’s put a wager on it. If it lands on heads, I give you $200 dollars. If it lands on tails, I will take away $200. How much money would you expect make after about […]


The Inaugural Post To Get Things Started!

by Mark Williams on December 7, 2008

There is a reason that you have arrived at this site. It could be that you stumbled on to it by accident via a Google search… It could be that you were playing around in the toolbar and found this site… Or it could be that you are down and out — sick and tired […]


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