How this ONE Quote from Mortal Kombat — Yes, the Movie based on the Video Game — Can Put You On The Path To FINALLY Making Some Money…

by Mark Williams on March 10, 2009

“[Y]ou will face three challenges: you must face your enemy, you must face yourself, and you must face your worst fear.”

— Princess Kitna [to Liu Kang]:

You Must Face Your Enemy.

You Must Face Yourself.

You Must Face Your Fear.

Never, when I watched this movie years ago, did I EVER expect these words to come back to me as words of wisdom.

But, here I am, years later, and this phrase from an otherwise cheesy movie has comeback to me — with a lot of meaning behind it.

  • Face your enemy.
  • Face yourself.
  • Face your fear.

So, you are probably wondering what I am talking about here. Did Mark finally jump over the deep end?

NO, of course not.

There IS a lesson here.

  • Face your enemy (when it comes to trading)

Well, account drawdowns are a start (a period of having multiple losing trades in a row). When this enemy appears (and it will), how will you handle it taking your money? Do You even know the historical drawdown of your trading system? Do you even have a system, or are you STILL one of the many who are flying by the seat of your pants?

  • Face yourself.

Are mentally prepared for your trading day? Did you just lose during a trade, and decide that you are going to take revenge on the market? Do you treat the market like an entity, or are you able to emotionally detach from it?

  • Face your F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real)

Are you afraid to get into this trade because you “failed” before, and you think that you are going to fail again?

Do you have a fear of failure, or even worse, a F.E.A.R. of SUCCESS?

Are you trading with expendable cash, or are you playing with rent money, living on the edge?

Okay, so how can I face these demons?

Well, I was going to go into a whole schpeel on setting your trading goals, and having a trading plan, but someone not only beat me to it, but did such a good job at it that I just HAVE to link you to his post here

Warning in advance, you may have to sign up for the site to read what will be a 100% life changing post on trading, but signup is free, and there is a lot of good information hidden on the site.

So, go ahead and dig in. You will NOT regret it.

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1 bradNo Gravatar 04.22.09 at 8:15 pm

Can you check your posted link

I tried it (and I’ve signed up with the site) and get the following error on their end.

No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link…

2 Mark WilliamsNo Gravatar 05.04.09 at 12:55 am

Thanks Brad. I have Updated the article with the correct link…

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